Tele BJFE Bridge

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A pickup for the 21st Century. Our own special sized magnets of bigger dia. adds just the right amount of extra power some player needs. Together with Swedish pedal-guru Björn Juhl, we set out to make a matched set for Telecaster – from scratch. Our aim was to find the perfect tone to match the demands of more modern players who want a broader range of tonality and a tighter sound, but still with the virtues and spank of single coil. In order to do this, we made our own magnets and we made the bridge pickup magnets slightly bigger in diameter and slightly lower in height. This increases the mass of iron and give approximately 20% more inductance, which contributes to a fuller and more lively tone, without the brittle harshness. We also wound neck pickup with double insulated heavy formvar wire for a fuller coil and a fuller sound. The bridge pickup is powered by alnico 5 magnets and wound with plain enamel wire. (Raised D magnet in the bridge pickup.) The feedback we’re getting from musicians is that they find the BJFE pickups to really cut through with a full and soulful voice – keeping the eyes on tradition, but yet adding something truly special. Maybe the new standard?