'60s Vintage Set Of Three

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With its focused bass and glassy trebles the '60s Vintage captures the era of post-65 sounds. Think Hendrix, John Mayer  and The Edge.
The classic sound of this vintagestyle guitar pickup is clean and punchy with clear transparent highs. The attack is pronounced. The recipe is from -65 and forward. Think The Edge and Jimi Hendrix. It has got excellent string separation. The '60s Vintage is also excellent for distorted sound. The pickup construction is all traditional - Alnico magnets, beveled by hand, fibreplatebobins, clothcovered cable, wound with the correct thin 0,063 mm copper wire. The insulation is Plain enamel. We punch-press the flatwork with our own tooling inhouse. This gives the correct surface on the sides as well. Overkill? We don't think so.  Get the classic sound of a 60's Stratocaster® today. Some customers choose '60s vintage in the neck and middle position and a Hot in the bridge. Available in calibrated sets. The bridge pickup is wound with more turns of copperwire to compensate for less stringmovement in the bridge position. This will make the bridge pickup sound fuller. A calibrated set will make it easier to use all three pickups. Cover, screws and rubber springs included. 



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