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Bridge pickup  intended to solve problems since 1950's.
BJFE is a pickup for strats, aimed to solve problems that’s been around since the 50’s. First we’ve beefed up the weaker bridge-pickup and given it a smoother, rounder tone. Secondly we’ve managed to achieve a compact and tight clear sound when playing with distortion. Strats can have a tendency to sound weak and thin played with distortion, but with the BJFE we’ve solved that problem. But take notice, we haven’t used double coils or other humbucking tricks – this is still a true single coil pickup with all the magic that goes with it. We now offer bridge pickup only as well. It has a steelplate under the magnets which acts like a magnetic reflector. Made inhouse. The pickup is touch sensitive and direct. People who tried the BJFE, and also tried ”almost every pickup on the market”, tell us that they finally found what they’ve been looking for. Pickup is delivered with component and schematic. Cover, screws and rubber springs included.      € 99 is Bridge pickup only. Also available in set of Three.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lundgren BJFE Neck

Im so satisfied. Im actually quite stunned by the fact that the search is over.

Earlier problem was that it was quite impossible to find somehing that would sonically match my bridge pickup (Classic57 PAF humbucker)
The problem wasnt the obvious like matching output, this can be done but is a minor hassle.

Often ive wasted cash on various brands and pickup types only to find the neck too shrill or too mushy under medium/heavy distorsion.

This pickup gets the job done. Its a damn marvel and an instant choice if you wanna have some classic woody sounds.
Its apparent that it has a smoother curve, and reduced treble.
But since alot of distorsion and overdrive adds to the shrillness, in a medium/max gain setup this pickup levels that out and instant marries a PAF bridge pickup without need for EQ.

Lundgren BJFE is straight proof that you could indeed have it all !

Claes J:son Johansson
Mickar som bär en trio hela vägen.

Hej Johan.
Nu har jag kört på mickarna justerat och hårdtestat sedan mässan
och måste säga att jag är grymt nöjd med soundet hela vägen.

Från rent men mjukt följsam och nyanserad ton med lagom mycket
häng typ Stevie’s Testify till lite mer gain och lite skitigare ton med
effekter a la Hendrix.

I båda fallen finns definition och sträng-separartion (både avseende
ackord och singel-string) kvar så att det bär en trio hela vägen.

Kanon helt enkelt, så tack för ett bra jobb.
Återkommer när jag fixat degen till stallmicken.

Peter Clarin


vernes krujezi


Hans Berger