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Our M model was the first pickup we designed for Meshuggahs Fredrik Thordendahl and his 7-string guitars. In jiddish, meshuggah means roughly crazy/mad and we think you´ll fall madly in love with a model M pickup with lots of power and attitude. Fredrik Thordendahl says, This pickup is out of this world. The pickup is well known both for high power and clarity. The design is a combination of a unique winding and a ceramic magnet placed under the pickup to give you more of everything and caused many players to give up active pickups. With lots of gain on your amp, harmonics is a piece of cake. The powerful high output M model humbucker let your notes come through even with lots of distortion on your amp. The pickup has lots of low end. Calibrated set. 


›› Felipe Rodriguez, Chile
›› Meshuggah I
›› M8 Clean on Teardrop Perry Stenbäck, Bjarne Helth Hansen
›› M8 Clean on Teardrop Perry Stenbäck Bjarne Health Hansen

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Customer Reviews

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Austin Glahn
Look no further

Best pickups for modern rock/metal I’ve ever used. They’re the perfect pickups in my eyes. My immediate upgrade anytime I get a new guitar.

Panu Watebucha
Great tone

Great drive tone and clean tone Make me amazed

Michael O'Sullivan
The best pickups I have ever used.

I bought a matched set of M7’s for my Strandberg True Temperament Singularity and I can honestly say these are the best pickups I have ever had the pleasure to use. Perfectly balanced and amazingly versatile, roaring leads, wonderful cleans and amazing chugging rhythms. I love the packaging and the quality feel of the pickups in the hand, sturdy wiring and an easy install and a nice reassuring weight to them. Considering the fact that you are getting a premium handmade product, the price is very reasonable in my opinion.
Also, I have to add, the wonderful people at Lundgren built me a single coil M7 to compliment my my humbuckers, fantastic customer service and commitment. Super fast delivery too and great communication.

Ollie Girvan