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Heaven 57® P.A.F. Sound. Think Billy Gibbons or Gary Moore or why not some other blues or jazzplayer.
Heaven 57® P.A.F. Sound. We have built this pickup with all the right features. We had some good P.A.F.s from late 50s to compare with. Think Billy Gibbons or Gary Moore or why not some other blues or jazzplayer. Wound with Plain enamelwire. We had put much work into the details with 5-40 polescrew, woodenspacer beneath the butyrate bobin and a baseplate of nickelsilver. Maybe the biggest impact of this pickups sound is our special alnicomagnet which contributes to this pickups pleasant wooden character. Standard High legs nickel silver base plate and braided single conductor with shield.  Standard is open black 159€. If you want cover remember to add it in the shop. The tune: "Heaven 57 Blues" recording shows the bridgepickup in action. We used a Ibanez tubescreamer and a Vox AC15. After the harmonies we used a V-stack. The Other soundsamples are as usual. Please read more at Lundgren/sounds. Heaven 57® is a Registered trademark and owned by Lundgren guitar pickups. 

"We are in the studio right now recording the new album, using Heaven 57® pickups.They sound amazing. We've also, since long, been using playing Smooth Operators playing live and both  sets of pickups are really great. Quality."

Quintessence & Alpha of Ghost



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›› Heaven 57® Bridge
›› Different positions.Heaven 57® Neck
›› Heaven 57® Blues-Full version
›› Heaven 57® Neck one riff in different positions.


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ulf lindsten
Pick up great! Instructions, not so great!

Love the pickups. But they came without any wiring guides!? Hard to find any online. The one I found referd to 4 wires of which one was yellow, but my pickups had no yellow? So I figured the white was supposedly yellow and it seemed to be right.
Would have helped with time and frustration with a guide ;-)

Dear Ulf.

Thank you for your nice words.
I also thank you for the comment regarding no schematicts in the box. I do apologise we have none in the boxes any longer. Nowadays we have them on our site. I will put the link here:

Thank you big time for your review.

Have a great day, Johan and the team at Lundgren Pickups

Heaven 57/neck & Smooth Operator/bridge

This set is just so wonderfully articulate, and a perfect combination...but they also Rock. This set can work in just about any situation...just dial in the amp. I wouldn't change anything about this combination. The 57 in the neck is the best sounding rhythm pickup for typical Rock/Pop rhythm chords because it's not too thick, but still lets the low end come through in a chunky way.

Det där extra bettet!

Satte in den i min 2011 Gibson goldtop å fyfan va perfekt det blev!
Jag har alltid spelat på min ’79 335a men nu spelar jag bara på goldtoppen. Tillsammans med en marshall 1987x och en solo dallas schaffer replica pedal har jag nu med denna mick hittat ljudet jag letat efter i hela mitt liv.
Bettet är magiskt men samtidigt runt och fyllig!
Det är svårt att förklara men pickupen har det där lilla extra.
Kronan på verket lixom!

Klaus Weller Jensen Bak

After installing the pickups, 57 heaven neck and smooth operator, I’m very pleased with the results. The neck is gentle, clear and articulate and the bridge got a great snarl and authority almost built in overdrive quality.
But both pickups together, man that is a tone worth dying for.
I find both pickups very articulate and with great dynamic range.

Here is two clips one straight into my super reverb and one with a little push from a tube screamer


Greetings from a very happy customer

Vilket lyft för min Les Paul

Kan starkt rekommendera dessa mickar. Fick dem installerade i min Les Paul Classic -03 som jag aldrig kommit riktigt överens med ljudmässigt. Spelmässigt är det en helt otroligt fin gitarr, men den har fått stå tillbaka till förmån för andra gitarren när ljudet inte riktigt hållit måttet. Men inte längre. Det blev en fantastisk klarhet, massa mer sträng och överlag en tokfin ljudbild. Vilket lyft.