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On customer demand we transformed our M7 into M6.
Since six strings are hard enough for most of us to manage.

The pickup is well known both for high output and clarity. The design is a combination of a unique winding and a ceramic magnet placed under the pickup to give you more of everything and caused many players to give up active pickups. With lots of gain on your amp, harmonics is a piece of cake. The powerful high output M model humbucker let your notes come through even with lots of distortion on your amp. The pickup has lots of low end.  Default is black open- uncovered pickup with nickel slugs.  Black threaded slugs are optional. You can add covers in our shop.



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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Jim Gustafsson
Ett jävla monster!

Tack Johan är riktigt nöjd med micken!
Den är ruggigt vass, med tight bas och har en klar strängseparation även med High Gain, den rekommenderas skarpt! Kommer sätta den i fler guror! Mvh Jim

Hej Jim.

Stort tack för de fina orden.
Du är alltid välkommen tillbaka.

Vänligen Johan och gänget.

Quality, quantity, clarity... its got it all

That thing is a shredders wet dream, it just does everything you want your lead pup to do: cuts through, very clear through distortion whatever the amount of gain, makes the guitar characters comes out way more than any other pups i've ever had, it's very powerfull, the list goes on... few of my guitar friends went on and bought one after trying it on my guitar.
Lundgren is super high quality through and through, and everybody who has tried one will agree; they should be more known and talked about

Balash Toth
Great clarity and very balanced EQ

First of all, I replaced the stock V8 PU in my Ibanez. I was looking for a PU that sounds similar to V8 to my ears, but with more pick attack and tighter low-end and without that noisy "tail" that the V8 has. The Lundgren M6 is very clear sounding, better tone separation and also very balanced and with pretty flat "EQ" feel given in the pick-up itself, not much coloration (this might be crucial for some and deal breaker for others who like a more colored sound coming from the guitar). The whole guitar feels much professional to me like this, while the overall feel didn't change much. Exactly what I was looking for.
The customer service provided by the man himself was amazing as well.

Per Österlund
Simply The best

Can´t belive how good the M6 Sound, Clarity i all frequency register´s both Low , mid and high, Sound awesome in all demanding situations Thanks Mr Lundgren. ;)

J. Amesbury
Lundgren M6

Perhaps 8 years ago now, possibly 9 even, I had a custom Amfisound created for me and the M6 was the standard offered pickup set. I decided to go with it, I could not at that time isolate a specific pickup set that I wanted and the M6 was highly recommended by the shop, whom apparently had (at the time at least) a deal with Lundgren. Perhaps they still do? I have not seen yay or nay of that, also this is not really the main subject. I have had the M6 in the bridge this whole time, and with now 8-9 years of using it, I never once was blown away by it. It has been a good pickup, it has never "not worked" or been temperamental and has never broken. But to me it has never been special either. There are variances in passive pickups, especially hand wound ones, perhaps mine was made on a Friday or something. It is, for lack of a better term, boring. There is nothing unique or outstanding, it feels and responds like a typical ceramic high-gain-focused bridge pickup and I have had plenty of that elsewhere in my life. Maybe I am missing the point. It was like this as well for Bareknuckle pickups, I tried several from that company as well, they were not special either. I mostly now play EMG H2F, 89X/85X, such things like these. A lot of single coil pickups from Seymour Duncan and Fender as well. I should probably replace the M6, but it has been there for so long, it is alright, I could leave it. I guess that's it. I give it 3 stars because "it works pretty ok and did not break".