M8C 11 degree Multiscale SET

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A sought-after Soapbar version of the M8 with an 11-degree form factor inside.

These are a direct replacement for use in Strandberg guitars or other with square EMG pickups.

M8C with cover. This is the pickup many have been waiting for. The size is a direct replacement for the EMG 808. By buying these, you'll save money (and the environment) as you'll never need to go to the store to buy new pickup batteries again! These pickups are used on recordings worldwide. This model has the same windings and magnets as the open M8. However, the covered design gives this pickup a slightly lower output. It's worth mentioning that the Lundgren logo is smaller in today's versions. Pots can be bought from us. NB: This is the 11-degree version of the original M8C. Remember to change pots to 500K when changing from active pickups to these passive Monsters.