Nashville Split

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True singlecoilsound in a humbuckersize


Nashville Split. Humbucker with true singlecoil split sound. In this special set we have used Rod magnets for that unmistakable clarity and string- separation only possible with just rod magnets. The pickup is delivered with 4-lead cable. This means you can use it as a FULL humbucker, SPLIT or parallel. Split is singlecoil mode. We have optimized this SINGLE splitcoil for singlecoil operation. It is wound with more turns of copperwire than its complimentary "LOGO" coil brother.  So we recommend that you use NO LOGO Coil with Red and green wires for singlecoil. This is the North coil pointing to the neck. This gives you a tad more body and output which is often needed in split operations.   When you activate full humbucker the volume increase will be not very big but some power is kicked in and also a big portion hum-cancelation.  Check out our videos on our YouTubechannel. The pickup is constructed in collaboration with David Henriksson.  He Lived in Nashville for years as a full working  guitarrist and he needed this bridge pickup as a great combo togheter with his middle and neck single coil.