Vertigo Bridge

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The Bridge version in the Vertigo set is very well balanced with its Alni 3 magnets. It is woody and even and lets you play all kind of music both clean or distorted. This pickup is based on a pickup from 1952. I have copied a real 1952 Telecaster®/Broadcaster. Using the same type of magnets and magnetwire, the brown plain enamel. The result speaks for itself. Listen on the soundsample or some of our happy customers on Youtube. The magnets are postwar without cobolt. Alni 3. The thicker magnets used is exactly like it was in 1950-1954. They have a bigger amount of iron which increase the inductance and a punchy middle appears. It has enough twang but is not as sharp as many modern teles. It has a woody professional sound. The DC resistance is approx. 6,8 K. This is my new favorite model.



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